UprearBUILD disrupts prefab industry, spotlighted on Building Material Reporter's YouTube Channel.

Delhi, India

Dear UprearBUILD Community,

We are excited to share some fantastic news with all of you! UprearBuild Pvt Ltd has been featured on Building Material Reporter's YouTube channel, highlighting our innovative solutions to the over-sized shipping problem in the prefab industry.

Key Highlights:

In the recently published video, Building Material Reporter commended UprearBuild Pvt Ltd for disrupting the industry by addressing the challenges of over-sized shipping in the prefab sector. Our company has introduced a ground breaking solution – PODs that can be 'Folded/Boxed' to fit shippable dimensions. This innovation not only revolutionizes the way we approach prefab construction but also presents a game-changing solution to the logistics hurdles faced by the industry.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility:

The video showcased our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, illustrating how we seamlessly transform cold-formed steel slit coils into fully furnished modular houses. UprearBuild takes pride in offering a comprehensive solution, from raw materials to the finished product, all under one roof.

Product Offerings:

Our focus on Modular Houses, Boxable Houses, and Prefabricated Houses has not only garnered attention but has also positioned UprearBuild as a leader in the industry. The flexibility and ease of relocation of our products were specifically highlighted in the video.

We are grateful to Building Material Reporter for recognizing and featuring Uprear Build Pvt Ltd's commitment to innovation and excellence. This acknowledgment further solidifies our dedication to shaping the future of prefab construction.

For those who haven't seen the video yet, you can watch it https://youtu.be/1zvj06eM_-Q?si=qP1HKjMkox05BLtr

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