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Identified Problem

  • Conventional Construction methods are Time Consuming
  • Requires specific skill set workers to be at disposal ‘every time’
  • Client deal with ‘multiple’ agencies à Complex process
  • Cost Over-runs and Time Over-runs are commonplace
  • No single-point Warranty & Blame game follows.
  • Global Material & Labor Supply Chain issues reducing Affordability
  • Size gets Smaller and more Remote in location - Cost to Build per Sq. Ft. Increases 

Consensus & Extended Problem

CONSENSUS: Manufacturing + Construction = Pre-Fab Industry is the FUTURE!  HOWEVER, traditionally PreFAB industry has to deal with

  • The major problem of Over-Sized Shipping 
  • Compromised Width Floor Plans 

Solution - Pre-Fabricated / Modular Way of Building

We have a state of the art Manufacturing Facility that can build houses from basic raw material of Cold Formed Steel Slit Coils – all the way to furnished product, under the single roof. We build adhering to stringent principles or Building Science using modern semi-Automatic machine line. Structures made in Factory:

  • Semi-Automatic Machine Line – Quality + Precession
  • Not Weather dependent – 365 Days Production
  • Cost Reduces
  • Affordability Increases
  • Fixed Timeline Delivered

Solution - Shipping Technology

UprearBUILD disrupted the over-sized Shipping Problem with the Pre-Fab industry by manufacturing PODs than can be 'Folded/ Boxed' in a Shippable Dimensions.

  • This means, PODs when in 'Boxed' Condition bear dimensions of 19.5 Feet x 8.5 Feet - Legal Transportable Dimensions
  • When in 'Un-Boxed' Condition - PODs bear dimensions of 19.5 Feet x 19.5 Feet with 10 Feet Clear Height.

Further, you can STACK / CONNECT these PODs in any configurations for its intended use and purpose. #LikeLEGO

Founder & CEO

SHRIKANT SHAH, an Inventor and Entrepreneur - founded UprearBUILD after 15 years of manufacturing and construction experience in multi-lateral industries. Shah, is a proud alumni of Purdue University, USA and has Masters in Civil Engineering degree with a LEED AP title.He has experience with working under Fortune 500 companies, but is driven by the zest to do more revolutionary work which will genuinely impact a larger audience.He has process patents granted under his belt within INDIA and abroad.