ABODE - 2 BHK 700 Sq Ft

abode-2bhk-700-sq-ft abode-2bhk-700-sq-ft

Salient Features

• Covered Patio
• Living Room
• Open Dining and Kitchen
• Master Bedroom with attached full Bath
• Guest Bedroom with attached full Bath



Chase Your Dreams!

Transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat with our curated selection, striking the perfect balance between comfort and style. Craft a space that mirrors your personal taste, ensuring restful nights.


Dreamy Bedroom: Follow Your Path!

Create your dreamy bedroom getaway with our carefully selected collection, tailored to your unique style for a truly relaxing space.


Warm Baths for Wellness: Simple Solutions!

Transform your daily routine with our hassle-free prefab bathroom designs. Experience a tranquil bath in a soothing space that simplifies self-care for ultimate relaxation.


Belly-Mind Harmony: Rules for a Happy Life

Explore our prefab kitchens—where creativity meets nourishment, offering endless possibilities for a well-fed mind.


The HOME is your treasure chest of LIVING & STUDY !

Form with function. Living space that faces Television and a huge Bay Glass Door on the left looking out to your elegant view. Dining/ Study hinges back and forth depending upon the utility while keeping open space for the remainder of the time.

The Bigger Picture

Your ABODE!!

Your Abode is built in a precision factory environment from cutting-edge materials and is packed with the latest technology. This means your building will be stronger, last longer, and be more energy efficient. The need for a simplified, minimalist lifestyle is HERE.

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