ANGANWADI- Child Care Center

uprearbuild-anganwadi uprearbuild-anganwadi

Salient Features

• Covered Patio
• Big Class Room (Well Lit and Ventilated)
• Teacher’s Cabin / Examination room for Mothers and Infants during Doctor’s visit.
• Attached Restroom with Loft 500 Litres Water Tank
• Kitchen with Induction Cooktop (Optional) and Store Room
• Smart TV with pre-loaded learning programs
• WiFi Internet
• Digital weighing scale and Stadiometer
• 1 KW – Solar Panels with Inverter
• Septic Tank (Pre-Cast / ABS)
• Rain-Water Harvesting



‘Floor to Ceiling’ windows

Ample Daylight and 9 Feet Ceiling height, so that our children don't feel claustrophobic. 


Studying Area

Huge - Graffiti type Black-board where it won't be boring for studies and creativity comes to light with each learning sessions. 


Our prefab childcare centers are designed with state-of-the-art kitchens, fostering nutritious meal preparation and ensuring a hygienic environment for children's nourishment and growth

Space for Mid-day Meals

We provide ample space for mid-day meals, encouraging communal dining and fostering a sense of togetherness, where children can enjoy nourishing meals while socializing in a comfortable environment within our prefab childcare centers.

Drinking water, Infant Weight, Rest Room Area

Ensuring safe and accessible drinking water, accurate infant weight monitoring, and comfortable rest areas are fundamental features we prioritize in our Anganwadi prefab childcare centers, promoting the well-being and growth of young minds."

The Bigger Picture

Spreading the Joy of Education

Modular classrooms are available much faster than the time it would take to construct on the site. About time our Anganwadis get a deserved Upgrade.

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