COVE - Quick Service Restaurant

cafe-by-uprearbuild cafe-by-uprearbuild

Salient Features

  • Fully functional Commercial Kitchen.
  • 9.5 Feet clear High Ceiling Height.
  • Large Floor to Ceiling Windows with clear view and attractive elevation.
  • Bathroom within the POD
  • 21 people Seating Space
  • Ordering counter with Display Menu
  • Back-door Entrance for spill-over outdoor tables that can be settled up during peak hours
  • Attractive and Contemporary Exterior Elevations and Branding spaces.


Where your CHEF won’t make mistakes, rather INVENT new Dishes !

COVE is premade with the strategically designed commercial Kitchen from an actual Chefs. Loaded with equipment required for different type of cuisine specialty. Reach out directly to us to customize your Kitchen for Free.

COVE can be Boxed and Re-located with entire Commercial Kitchen in place.


Convenience | Leisure & Hygiene are what we aim for!

There is not better feeling than to walk in an Eating Joint which gives access to Powder Toilet to customers and employees. Restroom addition itself ensures better foot fall in QSR location than the one without it!


Where Fondest MEMORIES of your customers will be made!

COVE boasts seating space of 20-21 people in the café like seating arrangements clubbed with modern / contemporary interiors. You customers will walk out with great memories and filled tummies ‘anytime during the day’


It’s all about following the Views and Daylight!

What is a Restaurant without Daylight or Views. Customers will enjoy Full Floor to Ceiling Height -High Performance Glass windows while trying the very best from your Kitchen.

Your COVE!!


Increased mobility is always a unique selling point for any product or service that one might have to offer. So, why just limit it to gadgets and devices? Why not have larger spaces that also guarantee mobility? 

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