1. Can I customize the Office based on my requirements?

YES. Our HIVE model comes with specifications mentioned. If you want to add / subtract the utility / amenities - try using our Model Configurator or get in touch on email at hello@uprearbuild.com

2. How is it different than the modified Shipping Container PODs?

Unlike modified containers, it has following USPs: • Modified Shipping container is restricted to 6-7 Feet inner width, giving huge limitation to planning as compared to HIVE • Usually these modified containers are procured by the end of their lifespan and could have been used for trash, medical waste etc. With Workspace in objective, one should not take chance with Hygiene and VOC than can edit much later to its alternate usage.

3. How is it different than the similar alternate I see on market?

Unlike competition, it has following USPs: • Comes finish with Exterior Cladding and Modern Interior Options • Built with Passive House standards for it to be Net Zero Energy Ready • Built adhering / or bettering to Building Codes, however built with ‘regular’ metal framework as a structural core. This ensures that usual modification, maintenance can be done using local trades without any special know-how. • All-inclusive price – No Hidden Cost • Comes with Price Beat / Match Guarantee with any similar product world- wide. • Most importantly, the wait time for your product will be in couple of months rather than years!

5. Does these structures adhere to Building Codes?

Yes. Based on the location of the order, we always ensure that structures are adhering to local building codes.

6. What type of Site Prep / Foundation systems are required to install these PODs?

You just need a flat surface that would not settle over a period of time. In the places where there are excessive wind loads (hilltops, beach), etc, we might need Pier and Beam foundation and would anchor the PODs easily upon arrival.

7. Who installs these PODs for us?

We have a network of pre-approved installers across the world who can help you with your installation. Besides, we can help virtually with HD videos and Live Video Calls as well, since it’s a simple 5 steps procedure.

8. How expensive is the installation process?

We just need a Mobile Crane with the operator and one helper to do the entire installation. Usually, they charge in the hourly format and vary from region to region. Typically, you would need them for 2-3 hours – all in.

10. Do these PODs come with Elevation Cladding?

Yes. Multiple options based on preferred architectural style.

11. Is there an option to lease these PODs?

Yes. Check with us if this option is available in your country. Reach out at hello@uprearbuild.com

12. How are Utilities connected on Site?

Each of our PODs comes with Utility Storage Niche within the footprint of the POD accessible from the outside. Water Supply, Drainage Outlet, and Power Supply hook-up are needed till the place of installation for quick commissioning of PODs upon arrival by Plug & Play type solution.

13. Can you supply with Shipping Cost included?

YES. Just let us know your nearest Shipping Port and we can provide you (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) inclusive pricing. Usually, it will not be more than 10-15% of the product cost.

14. How much will be my Import Duty?

That depends on the country of import. For the USA, it will not be more than 5% of the product cost.

15. Can I customize my Interior Layout Plan

YES. We charge a nominal Design & Engineering Fee of USD 1000 for the same and do all custom options.

16. Will I need Building/ Legal Permits?

Depends upon the place of installation. Please check with your local authority.